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If you have recently lost a pet and need to speak with someone please visit these websites for further information and phone numbers.


Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine - Pet Loss Support Hotline & Other Information  


Washington State University  -  Pet Loss Support Hotline


Michigan State Univeristy - Pet Loss Support Hotline





When Your Pet Needs Anesthesia





The Truth About Non-Anesthetic Dentals


Veterinary Oral Health Council- Find out which pet dental care products have the seal of approval- means they actually work!


American Veterinary Dental College- Discusses Dental Disease in Pets


American Veterinary Medical Association- Dental Health Videos & PodCast. How to Brush Your Pets teeth.


Video: Brushing Your Cats Teeth





All Cat Owners Should Read This!


Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease- Info from AAFP & Info from Veterinary Partner


House-Soiling - Is your cat not usuing the litter box ? Read This!


Cat Behavior Associates- A Must Read if you have a New Kitten/Cat or Behavior Issues


Indoor Pet Initiative- Make Indoor Life Less Stressful For Your Cats. Must Read For Cats With Lower Urinary Tract Disease


Asthma in Cats


Diabetes in Cats


Video: Cat Owners Guide to Kidney Disease


Video: Gastrointestinal Disease in Cats


Video: Caring for your Diabetic Cat


American Association of Feline Practitioners- Information on Many Diseases


Cornell Feline Health Center- Information on Many Diseases





Indoor Pet Initiative- Includes "Puppy Prep School" So Your Pup Grows Up Well Behaved!


Dog Behavior & Training Tips- Have a behavior or training problem with your dog? Try these tips!



Heartworm Disease


American Heartworm Society- All you wanted to know about heartworm disease



ZOONOTIC DISEASE (What You Can Catch From Your Pet)


Worms & Germs Blog- Information sheets on various diseases. Also information for kids!




ASPCA Toxic & Non-Toxic Plant Guide- Read before bringing that plant home or adding to your garden





Vaccines Reactions





American Veterinary Medical Association


American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine


Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine





Video: Pet Owners Guide to Cancer



Cant Find It Here?  Try These Sites:


Veterinary Partner



Critical Care DVM


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